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How to take holvita® colostrum

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How to take holvita® colostrum

Recommended dosage table for holvita® colostrum supplements

Low dose

1-2 colostrum capsules daily (200-480mg) 1 capsule = 240mg

1-2 tbs of liquid colostrum daily (10-20ml) 1 tbs = 10ml

Medium dose

2-3 colostrum capsules daily (480-720mg) 1 capsule = 240mg

2-3 tbs of liquid colostrum (20-30ml) 1tbs = 10ml

High dose

3-5 colostrum capsules daily (720 -1200mg) 1 capsule = 240mg

3-5 tbs of liquid colostrum daily (30-50ml) 1 tbs = 10ml

* Children should be given a lower dosage of colostrum because their bodies are smaller, they do not need such a high dosage of colostrum. However, it is down to you how much colostrum you decide to give them.

Our recommendation

The amount of colostrum one should take is individual. We recommend to take 2-3 capsules (400 - 600 mg) or 2-3 tbs (20-30ml) of our liquid colostrum daily for 30 days.
One table spoon of liquid colostrum or 2 colostrum capsules daily is a sufficient amount for the body to absorb enough of colostrum's components for a healthy individual.

People suffering with an illness

People who are suffering with an illness, it is highly recommended that they take a higher amount of colostrum for the maximum support of the body..

Can I overdose with colostrum?

By taking excessively high amounts of colostrum you cannot overdose. holvita® colostrum is classified as a food supplement, the body digests the colostrum same way as it would digest any other food. It is however recommended to take colostrum according to our dosage table above, as the body will only take as much as it needs and will discard the rest.

Are there any side effects by taking colostrum?

There are no knows side effects of holvita® colostrum, our colostrum can be enjoyed by the whole family
It is important to note that during the first days of taking colostrum, you may experience some diarrhoea, these are the first signs of the body cleansing itself of toxins, this is the first effect that colostrum can have on the body. If you are experiencing unpleasant diarrhoea, reduce the dosage you are taking and slowly build up the dosage during the course of a week. Problems should disappear within 5 days.

Can I take holvita® colostrum with medication?

Colostrum has not been known to react with other medication. In fact, colostrum can increase the effectivity of medication due to its ability to heal the digestive system which may effects the absorption of medication. If you are experiencing problems, please consult your doctor.

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