colostrum doplňky stravy a pleťová kosmetika s colostrem
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Diabetic / cukrovka a colostrum

Dohm, Elton, Raju, Mooney, Pories, Flicklinger, Atkinson, 1990, Diabetes 39: 1028-32, Reported that: A. IGF-1 Stimulates glucose utilization. 6. IGF-I receptors in muscle tissue is normally occurring in humans. C. IGF-1 effective treatment for Hyperglycemia.

Chen, W, et al. Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I/IGF-binding protein-3 complex: therapeutic efficacy and mechanism of protection against type 1 diabetes. Endocrinology 145(2):627-638 (2004). IGF-1 regulates beta cell growth, survival and metabolism in the pancreas and protects them against development of type 1 diabetes. Using IGF-1 combined with IGF-binding protein (IGF-bp) significantly increases the efficacy of IGF-1 treatment by extending its half-life in the body.

Dohm, Elton, et al. IgF-1 stimulated glucose transport. Diabetes, Sept. 30, 1990, pp. 1028-32.

Vaarla, O. The gut immune system and type 1 diabetes. Annals of the New York Academy of Science 958:39-46 (2002). There is increasing evidence that the gut immune system is important in the development of type 1 (autoimmune) diabetes. One of the causes of type diabetes in children may be too early introduction of cow’s milk to the diet in infants, which causes an autoimmune response to insulin.